Trail goers can learn more about its history at Monkton Station, which dates back to 1898 and today serves as a visitors center and museum. They continue to ride side by side creating a potential situation for an accident.We all can have a lot of fun if we just remember we're not the only one on the trail and we don't own it.". 2813 Jerusalem Road, Kingsville, MD 21087 (410) 592-2897. The trail is mostly flat, until you get about 6 or 7 miles north of Monkton. I usually start at parking lot 1 at the 0.5 marker Nd ride into Pa and back. Even the people walking the trail were going around the muddy spots. Very few amenities and services at all. Just bought my hybrid Trek less than two weeks ago, and, living in Fallston, Md, am used to the Ma&Pa Trails in Harford County. In 2008, Brown received the Woodrow Wilson Award, an award given to Hopkins' alumni for distinguished public service, from the Johns Hopkins University alumni association. My favorite ride is from Parkton to Hanover Station (about 37-38 miles round trip). We had not realize what this 'Rail to Trail' thing was until this year. Decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and hit the trail. Ordinarily I would'nt eat those but----. ", "Whether you go from the south to the north, or the other way, the NCR provides one of the best bike rides/hikes of any Rail to Trail. The Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail (formerly North Central Rail Trail) is one of 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. While we saw deer, turtles, a snake and a crane, our overall enjoyment was somewhat dampened by the floaters and the lack of food on the trail. We saw all sorts of bikers - all ages and sizes- and walkers and joggers. About the NCR Trail. Kids, dogs lots of folks The Northern Central Railroad Trail, officially known as The Torrey C. Brown Trail, covers nearly 20 miles in Maryland, stretching from Ashland Road in Hunt Valley to the Mason-Dixon Line. Parking and Trail Access To reach parking near the southernmost endpoint, take I-83 toward the Maryland–-Pennsylvania state line. You travel along the water through several small towns before you reach the halfway point at the Pennsylvania border. "I have cycled the combined North Central Railroad (NCR) Trail and York County Heritage (YCH) Trail many times both in sections and the entire length, up and back. Weekdays are best if … Rode entire length, from Cockeysville to New Freedom, and another 5 miles into PA on the Heritage trail, then back. Another thing that I really like is that the tree canopy is very thick the entire way, providing shelter from both the sun and the wind. I would highly recommend this trail to all levels of riders. The trail is well shaded so even on a hot day, the temperatures are tolerable. Heaven on Earth. Even goes down to a little path before you get to new freedom. In late 2014 my wife and I took a summer end-to-end an return on the Torrey C. Brown (Northern Central Railroad Trail) and the York County Heritage Rail Trail starting in Ashland, MD and ending in York, PA. We called ahead and got permission from the State Park to leave the car overnight in the lot in Ashland. I rode to the zero point on the Torrey Trail from the Heritage Trail starting in Seven Valleys, PA (79 miles), and there was a very noticeable difference between the stone grade used in Maryland versus the stone that was used in Pennsylvania. There's room for at least 10 cars. More muddy spots and lots of limbs that you really have to watch out when it’s getting dark. I've been living out in the Mid-Atlantic for several years now, and continuously look for good places to venture outdoors. This summer my wife just gave up and turned back, too scared to ford one which completely covered the trail for maybe 20-30 feet. Lots to see and do, our kids love it. The Torrey C. Brown Trail is a 20-mile long unpaved pathway located between the New Freedom, Pennsylvania and Cockeysville, Maryland to the north of Baltimore. Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail Easy. If you see us, stop and ask us about how mush fun it is! We people watched in Monkton. You train the basic commands on a leash. Trail conditions for a rail-trail were very good. There is a total absence of trash or any other sort of debris as far as I can tell. Pretty scenary and the hills aren't too bad which suprised me since we were headed towards PA and when driving on I83, they have huge hills! ", "Very well maintained trail with great scenery! I have noticed in the last couple of years the MD section of it has gotten really bad. Very friendly hikers,cyclists and the trail is just awesome. I think the terrain took it's tole more-so than the hills. It's perfect for summer cycling because the whole length is shaded. Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset Mostly level, with a generally smoothish surface. Since the railway is operational, please stay clear of tracks at all times and cross only at established crossings. A great start to the Summer. There are other small towns that you can stop at to eat or get ice cream. Great walking/cycling trail, following the original path of the North Central Railroad, from Ashland, Hunt Valley the 20 miles to Freeland Pennsylvania. Together, the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail and the Heritage Rail Trail were inducted into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame in 2015. The tree canopy was so thick that I barely got wet. We've been riding or running this trail for years and it is so much busier than I remember it being. We would ride it more often but its an hour and 45 minute drive to New Freedom just to get to the trail. A rental shop here offers both bikes and inner tubes for floating down the Big Gunpowder River, which parallels the southern end of the trail. There is plenty of parking, so if one parking lot is full, just drive to the next one. Both sides of the trail have numerous road crossings, with metal gates blocking the trail except for narrow pass thru's, which tend to get a bit annoying for cycling since you are forced to slow down at each one. My wife dropped me off in Ashland and we met up for lunch in New Freedom at Paesano's Pizza . Even for being a holiday weekend, it wasn't too busy and it was very peaceful. Follow it until it crosses the Torrey C. Brown (formerly NCR) Rail Trail. The most popular activities on the trail are hiking, jogging, bicycle riding and horseback riding. Check out for images and info from along the trail both in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Shared By: Cheryl Ladota. I would HATE to rate any functioning rail trail at less than four stars, as they are all wonderful by their very nature. ¿¿ Beautiful day, beautiful ride but 40 miles was an over kill for me. That said, the NCRT is getting a bit long in the tooth, at least at the Northern end. The trail was in excellent condition and gave a very smooth ride. The trail itself begins at the end of Ashland Road in Cockeysville, but offers no parking … Legs were covered in it. The Northern Central Railroad Trail (NCRT or the NCR Trail), formally known as the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, is a state park facility administered by Gunpowder Falls State Park. There is no food along the trail except for ice cream bars at Monkton station and a few miles down trail from New Freedom where a homeowner has a little stand with snacks and wa Trail Hours: Sunrise to Sunset. I use a Trek Road Bike, and must say, I'm a bit disappointed. We always start at the Ashland trail head and go north to Monkton. The Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail (TCB), the official name of the Northern Central Railroad (NCR) Trail, is a rail trail that runs along an abandoned railroad corridor where the Northern Central Railway once operated. The restrooms were clean and the water fountains in good working order. Trail Ratings 4.5 from 4 votes #1 in Loch Raven Reservoir #6733 Overall. State line kiosk was cool. Also known as the North Central Railroad (NCR) trail, this trail is perfect for anyone, well maintained surface, relatively flat with amenities like benches, picnic tables and port-a-johns along the route. Just off the trail you can enjoy a small art gallery, an antique shop and several places to buy food and drinks. Turn right on York Road and make a quick left onto Monkton Road. My husband and I are new to biking. I rode my mountain bike on the trail and felt that I got a nice leisurely ride while still being able to go fast enough to get a good workout. My ride was on a weekday, so traffic was light. I’d recommend this trail but do we aware of the incline if you leave from New Freedom. I rode 6.5 miles to the Parkton access and back again. About 90% was under a tree canopy and that made the ride for me. There's no trails near White Marsh, Maryland, and it's private and the scenery is beautiful, so I can't exactly crucify it. The picnic tables every several miles are nice places to snack and rest. We ride the connected YHT in PA and are always very impressed with the quality of the trail and how well its maintained. ", "I did a portion of this trail, accessing the trail in Freeland where I parked in the paved lot. The trail is fairly wide and surface is good for hybrid bikes and mountain bikes, although a road bike probably could do most parts of this trail as well. Please practice "pack it in, pack it out". ", "Having ridden this trail since it opened I still find it to be a great ride. As for my wish list, I wish the surface was wider and more developed. Restrooms at this access are also nearby (of the recycling kind, sort of nasty).The surface is very smooth (stone dust). Signs state that motorized vehicles are not allowed, so I assume the growth is a result of lax maintenance. ¿¿ Anyway, this is a very nice trail, well shaded along much of the trail. Began this ride north of the trail at Railroad PA along the Heritage Trail that joins the Torrey (also named NCR). Hopefully with it being well known the idiots will refrain from doing this again. Also available at Monkton are tubing rentals to float down the Big Gunpowder Falls. Very peaceful and quiet, we couldn't stop walking. There are plenty of places to park along the trail and some basic but welcome toilet facilities at fairly regular intervals. We went on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. The trail is fairly flat until you reach MP15 where the grade increases to the MD-PA border. The trail is 10 feet wide with a stone dust surface. It's such a pleasant and peaceful ride, with the rushing water from Gunpowder Falls audible from several spots. The trail ranges from a 10-ft wide path with a grass strip in the middle to a nice 20+ ft compact stone path. My husband and I just moved to the area. The scenery was breathtaking and the trail was surrounded by beautiful trees, running water falls, and lots of wildlife. I would definitely recommend this trail!! The Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail (TCB), the official name of the Northern Central Railroad (NCR) Trail, is a rail trail that runs along an abandoned railroad corridor where the Northern Central Railway once operated. The MD side gets quite muddy following any type of rain. The organization was led by Secretary Torrey C. Brown at the time and the pathway, originally called the Northern Central Railroad Trail, was renamed in his honor in 2007. The PA side is roughly half shaded. Adequate facilities and parking areas spread out along the full 21 miles. This beautiful trail is oftentimes ruined by users who have no trail etiquette - pedestrians who allow their dogs to go unleashed; trail cyclists who speed (yes, there is a speed limit on this trail); trail cyclists who fail to use mirrors, stay to the right, stop on the trail, wear earbuds; road cyclists who ride in groups, thinking they're part of Le Tour and mistakenly think they enjoy all the rights of way they have on the road; general rudeness of all types of users who simply don't acknowledge other trail users.