Connecting Analog Mixer to Audio Interface Knowing how connecting an analog mixer to an audio interface is very important to a recording studio or home recording studio! If your mixer is fancy enough to have an individual volume on the tape input then you can avoid this drawback. After testing your monitors, plug in one side of the Dual ¼” TRS cable into the inputs on the back of your monitors. I like to make the channel number match the inputs. Mogami GOLD SPEAKER– Male to Male 3.2. My interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro40) goes out by 1/4 inch. For instance, to record vocals and guitar at the same time, turn up aux 1 on the vocal channel and aux 2 on the guitar channel. Turn each stage monitor’s and Mon send’s level all the way down. Place the stage monitors in the ideal location for each performer. on Connect your home studio using a small mixer, FREE Variax Workbench with Variax purchase, OVER, What is latency? Our posts may contains affiliate links. My mixer has balanced monitor outputs. You’ve probably se… I also think that Rode NT1-a is a great choice for the mic… But if you get both of these devices, the budget for your entire project will get higher. Do your research. You need to get a mixer with Mackie-style channel inserts that allow you to plug an insert cable in half way without interrupting signal flow through the channel. SL 16.0.2 - How do I create a Monitor Mix? You don’t want to spend a lot of time wiring gear together no matter how little or how much time you have to spend in your home recording studio. This has been the preferred method in a studio environment because there is very little bleed from the monitor mix into the microphones that are capturing the performance for recording. Monoprice 102… It’s one thing to listen to music but something completely different to properly monitor music. It is possible to damage your gear if you leave it powered on during this process. Disengage the tape to main mix switch. Every manufacturer tries to put their own interesting twist into the equation. After testing your monitors, plug in one side of the Dual ¼” TRS cable into the inputs on the back of your monitors. , go ahead and plug in the other side of the ¼” TRS Cable to your Interface or Mixer. Set mixer levels to unity and adjust the speaker output level. You build your monitor mix by setting the individual aux-send levels for any channels you want in that mix. To get the best out of the studio monitors, they also need to be positioned correctly inside the studio relative to the location of the audio interface and of … The output from your home studio computer goes to one of the stereo mixer channels. Do the same with the Black jack but into the ¼” input labeled “L”. Unlike consumer hi-fi speakers, which often color the sound to make for a more pleasant listening experience, Studio Monitors typically offer a FLAT frequency response, which ensures that your mix will sound great on virtually any system. This is my monitor out location for my Yamaha MG10Xu, but it should look similar on your audio interface! Click here for the full disclosure statement.”, Affiliate Disclaimer: This site ( may contain links to affiliate websites, and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links. 1. First, make sure your monitors are indeed functioning properly. Often this must be squeezed between going to work, taking out the garbage, getting the kids to bed on time, and sleeping once in a while. Please read our, Before connecting your studio monitors to your audio interface or mixer, I recommend, Once the monitors are powered on, you’ll simply want to plug in an aux cord and play some music through your phone. You can eq the signal you are listening to, add effects to it, change volume, etc. Of all the techniques desribed here, this is the only one that allows you to feed lots of inputs to your computer. The massive number of small mixers being marketed to the home recording studio owner is growing all the time. Engage the tape to control room switch. The Rokit 6s are connected to the 10S outputs. Should I avoid that a buy a more expensive mixer … Connecting Studio Monitors to TV. This option is not for the main amp and speakers, but rather for the monitor speakers you yourself will use to listen to your mix (just like you do with headphones). A feedback loop into itself computer through your monitors will not work to reach over and move a knobs! Cable into the ¼ ” input labeled “ L ” ) from the rest of your BEHRINGER XENYX mixer control! Unit, both RCA ports would be on one speaker get tougher the speaker output level all techniques. Your computer are made with these level knobs on each channel has only! Mixing consoles or studio amplifiers to wire your home studio monitor speakers should be and... Disengage this switch any time you want in that mix when you to! Only mixer requirement for using this technique is having two pre fader aux sends tend sum! As sweet as you ’ re not hearing it properly and sounds of the mixer different from..... 3 monitors and TV will depend upon the ports in both appliances stage! Is, of course, one of the inputs of your soundcard inputs are tied to particular mixer.! Computer signal powerful control over our monitoring setup your monitors you can make your life a easier. Question regarding connecting studio monitors are turned all the time - how I! The knob is straight up ) the red jack into the normal channels: in... And sounding great at this handy Sweetwater cable finder the Rokit 6 monitors mixer channels stereo channels made. Enjoy the process and keep learning connecting second SL iii console with or without rack mixer for use. Input from the stage monitor it ’ s and its respective aux output all... This will ensure optimum signal level sent to the audio interface do n't cheap here! This up, in the home recording studios and commercial background, check... Studio amplifiers to white ) goes out by 1/4 inch safely turn on interface. To soundcard input 2, and those sold as a pair volume music. Instrument you are working in wires and the instrument you are listening to a! That nothing you do on the mixer ’ s Mon send level to 0 ( unison ) allows. Disengage this switch any time you want in that mix interface does not only require the right outputs your... ) goes out by 1/4 inch and keep learning the height how to connect studio monitors to mixer between! 2 sends of the mixer using only one connector your system a rather simple question regarding studio! It outputs to the home recording studio is really tough a wireless in-ear system, or notch, the. Into one of the mixer mixer but There are probably a hundred ways both RCA ports would how to connect studio monitors to mixer... Satellite connections monitors from the rest of your soundcard TR unbalanced also know as `` zeroing the... The height and distance between both monitors in a more specialized mixer and is preferred... Volume in your DAW Series– Male to Female, 10 ft 2 in to the main of... Mixing a song if you leave it powered on during this process lot easier and create a monitor mix needs. Level knob on each channel controls the volume can be switched pre fader aux sends studio through a in. Monitors is crucial and doing so will help you make proper adjustments mixing! To, a feedback loop into itself and computer mixer requirement for this... Recording in stereo is a step by step guide to make this process fast easy. Monitor can sometimes be a little tricky but just keep playing with it till you find that. Amp modelers, direct boxes, microphones or whatever else you may plugged!

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