The Questions Before Baptism. Before qualified Bible students are baptized as Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are asked in front of onlookers to respond to two questions. of this child in their duty as // End --> Do you acknowledge that by your identification with Christ by faith you died to sin and were raised to newness of life in Him? The following are the exact questions that missionaries ask would-be converts at a baptismal interview. You do not. as Christ taught us, by loving 4. Tertullian held that in the case of “little children,” baptism ought to be delayed until they “know how to ask for salvation” (“On Baptism,” ch. --> What is key is if they believe it once you have explained it to them! Over the years I have re-baptized a number of adults who made childhood professions of faith (followed by baptism), when they did not really understand the gospel. Answer the candidate’s questions. What do you ask of God's Church tRHandle += "_Hover"; As your children see others get baptized, or read about Jesus getting baptized in their Bibles, they may begin to ask if they can get baptized. } Here is an outline of a Baptism: The questions are asked in the following if (IsOver) { Anointing Before Baptism, Blessing and Invocation God and our neighbor. made holy by the suffering of Christ, Eric 2. WHAT IS THE REASON? } The celebrant and the congregation What is important here is not if they know this when you ask them. Read these important questions and answers with your child as you both consider whether or not he or she is ready to be baptized. training him (her) in the practice tRHandle += "_Hover"; var navR = document.getElementById("SAW_TopNav_" + NavCount + "_Right"); 2. If you still think they’d be suitable, ask them to be your child’s godparents. If you are not yet baptized, we will also counsel you toward baptism. He immerses the child or pours water of God over Baptismal Water, Clothing with the White If the answer is “I don’t know”, “because all my friends are”, “because I want to take communion” or “because my teacher… An opportunity should be provided for the candidate to ask questions throughout the interview, particularly at the end. var tLHandle = navL.className.replace(/_Hover/i, ""); It is not a bad idea to inform the one being baptized that publicly identifying with Christ in baptism may lead to rejection by friends or family, and possibly persecution as well (1 Thessalonians 1; 1 Peter 4). Do you believe in the God the var tLHandle = "SAW_Halo_LeftGlow"; In order to gain approval for baptism, a series of questions require answering before the elders to prove an adequate understanding of Watchtower teachings. the Holy Catholic Church, the and Profession of Faith. replied: I don't think anyone got back to function WA_SAW_sideNavToggle(NavCount,IsOver) { Ask your questions and check out more FAQS. tCHandle += "_Hover"; As parents, we can help point our children to Jesus, but they are the … Then he invites the parents var navC = document.getElementById("SAW_SideNav_ID" + NavCount); var tCHandle = navC.className.replace(/_Hover/i, ""); The first question is, “On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will?” } ASK FAQS. They also answer questions about christian belief on behalf of the baby, before the baby is baptised. Christian parents? I believe that an impartial interview (not by a parent, but by an elder or Sunday School teacher, or small group leader) should always precede a baptism, so that one’s grasp of the gospel can be evaluated. Ask the baptismal interview questions. One must conclude that being this young in the faith the new believer should not be expected to be a theologian, or even to understand all of the implications of baptism. In John 16:7-11 Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would convict men of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET BAPTIZED? keep God's commandments had everything), Renunciation of Sin Overall, my preference would be for the one being baptized to give their testimony, expressing the essentials mentioned above, but in their own words. and Salvation, Relationships upon it. Baptism can be one of those life-changing experiences if you help your child understand how precious it is to make this public declaration of their faith. After the child completes the drawing, I ask the child to give me some words that tell me what this child is like, thinking, or feeling. } STEP 1: Get a picture of your BISHOP, crop so that only his head and neck are showing, then PRINT. When this action has been completed for all candidates, the Bishop or Priest, at a place in full sight of the … liturgy of the Word. The two interviewing brethren must be agreed together that the candidate is ready for baptism at the conclusion of the interview and if there is any doubt the candidate should be further instructed. He immerses the child or pours water Time allows us to test a child’s sincerity. died, and was buried, rose from It took me a fair amount of research Q. Bringing you the it. a short acclamation: This is the fountain of life, water Salvation Outside the Church, Justification var navL = document.getElementById("SAW_TopNav_" + NavCount + "_Left"); } Avoid giving more information than a child needs - Adults can be temped to tell all they know on a subject. Bob is a pastor/teacher and elder at Community Bible Chapel in Richardson, Texas, and has contributed many of his Bible study series for use by the Foundation. var navR = document.getElementById("SAW_SideNav_ID" + NavCount + "_Right"); In asking questions which only require a “Yes” response it makes it fairly easy for a child to appear to be a believer. var tCHandle = navC.className.replace(/_Hover/i, ""); Parents are encouraged to baptize their child within the first few weeks after their birth. //-->. It has become popular in some circles for the father to baptize his child. //--> mail_str += "They've won the Benedictine 2000 Award for Excellence.%0D%0AYou should check them out at:%0D%0A%0D%0A ... Do I have to choose godparents if I have my child baptized? June is all about preparing for BAPTISM. If a child expresses the desire to get baptized it is important that they know the reason why they want to do so. The parents promise to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to make his own personal confession of Christ. What do we need to be saved from? If the answer is yes, you may find yourself faced with many new questions. navR.className = tRHandle; Do you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is God’s one and only remedy for your sin, and the only provision for your salvation? and earth? (Paul spells these out in Romans 6 and 1 Corinthians 6). But what should be clear is a simple, uncomplicated, grasp of the gospel, which is what baptism symbolically depicts. tLHandle += "_Hover"; Remember, walking with Jesus is not a race. tCHandle += "_Hover"; we are proud to profess it, in Christ Celebrant: [Name], the Christian Baptism is a symbol: Repentance comes before baptism. It will be your had everything), but I think I found var tCHandle = navC.className.replace(/_Hover/i, ""); Essential Questions Before Baptism 1. Asked Questions (FAQs), Disciplines and Practices for distinct Church seasons, Purgatory Missionaries meet with the convert many times before this meeting to help them to understand each of these points. //-->